Bill Owens with a couple of future beekeepers

Beekeeping is quickly becoming a “lost art.”  Not long ago, it was not uncommon for people to have hives in the back of their yards.  As with other “arts”, generations are losing the knowledge, passion, or importance of these skills.  Today, with the increase in Colony Collapse Disease, our nation is feeling the effects from the lack of honey bees and their honey.  Interestingly, the hobby beekeeper and his bees are doing just fine.

After I personally lost a couple of hives due to ignorance, I decided it was time to put together a Beekeeping Series that would take a beekeeper through a year of working with bees.

The motivation for this series is to equip those who are serious about beekeeping as a hobby and want to acquire their own bees.  This is a very comprehensive course. We will begin with the very basics of beekeeping and build upon that knowledge with each class.  The classes begin in November and conclude in June.  We’ll meet once a month on a Saturday for 3 hours. We will not meet in the month of December.  The option to test for Beekeeping Certification is also available during this series.

Teacher, Bill Owens, is a 3rd generation beekeeper.  He is currently the highest ranked beekeeper in the state of GA.  We are privileged to have Bill as the Lazy B Farm Beekeeping instructor.

We are taking reservations now for our next series beginning November 2012.

The cost for this series is $200.